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Commentary from Saturday, January 11, 2014

2014 The Year of American Made!

As we begin the new year, I encourage you to support our effort to promote 2014 as “The Year of American Made”.

America is a trading partner with nations from around the world, but we the American people have to support the restoration of a 50/50 balance between competitive American made products and foreign made items in order to restore America’s industries and get more Americans employed.

For hundreds of years, America produced the majority of its day-to-day needs and we also sold the products Americans made for sale around the world. In more recent years, Americans silently watched a large portion of its day-to-day needs being produced abroad and saw local, regional and national employers downsize or close their doors because they could not compete with imported products.

As the millions of supporters of American Workers Need You and the Buy American Made Campaign step-up their efforts to support America’s industries, we are seeing more industries expand. This will lead to more jobs and jobs skills, but this expansion totally depends on the purchasing power of the American people. When you ask for American Made Products where you shop, you may be surprised by the reaction of business owners or sales people as they reply, “why does it matter where the items are made as long as they are available when you want them.” Well, it matters to the unemployed looking for jobs to support themselves and it matters to America’s young people who will enter the job market after graduation. That is why your participation is so important, so help us spread the word and let’s work together to make "2014 The Year Of American Made".

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