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Commentary from Saturday, December 8, 2018

Our Unity is Making More Things Possible!

As we look around at the items we purchased in the past and in the store where we shop right now, we clearly see that a large percentage of well-known brand name items are now made outside of the United States.

For many years, foreign product merchandisers tried to downplay where items were made by keeping the packaging exactly as it was when the items were made in the United States. The labels list "distributed by" with the name of the businesses' American headquarters in large print, but the place the product is actually being made is listed in small print. This tactic worked for many years until efforts like the Buy American Made Campaign urged people to look at labels and ask store personnel for American made products.

Some major corporations also try to deflect attention from where products are made by labeling the items in a few languages to show that the products are sold in America and in other countries. That was fine in the past, however, in recent years Americans are interested in knowing exactly how much of the products they are seeking to purchase represent the jobs and workmanship of American workers.

Spread the word, look at labels and spend more of your dollars on items made and assembled in the United States of America.

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