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Commentary from Saturday, December 7, 2013

We Empower Ourselves!

During the last few years, many of us saw first hand that We Empower Ourselves to make positive change happen in America’s economy simply by how we spend our dollars. It is a fact that it’s not always easy to find the American made products we need, but the fact that so many people are now looking closely for American made labels and seeking to purchase American made is a positive change in itself. The actions of our supporters and their spending habits continue to be noticed by business owners and investors and are helping maintain and restore jobs for American workers.

I want you to acknowledge that some large retailers and merchandisers don’t like efforts like National Small Business Weekend which encourages shoppers to go out of their way to shop at their local stores the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every month. However, efforts like National Small Business Weekend are important to local stores and I compliment everyone who is sharing a portion of their spending power between small and large stores.

As you are out shopping keep in mind the goals of the Buy American Made Campaign and our efforts to restore at least a 50/50 balance between foreign and American made products in every store possible. With these ideals in mind and with your support we work toward restoring many levels of jobs for Americans. Spread the word because American Workers Need You.

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