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Commentary from Saturday, December 6, 2014

President Ronald Reagan Saw Changes Coming!

Thanks to all who joined American Workers Radio as we promoted NOVEMBER as “American Made Month”. It certainly helped to unite our supporters and brought awareness to how much America’s businesses and American workers need us.

In 1985, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed December as Made in America Month and asked all Americans to support American made products. In that proclamation, he acknowledged that America's growing trade problems have caused some Americans to wonder whether America may be in danger of losing its reputation as a major supplier of quality products at competitive prices. He stated that America's strong economic growth has led to an increased demand for goods and services in the U.S.A. He also acknowledged that the growing economies of America’s trading partners have brought about tough foreign competition, and Americas’ manufacturers and American workers are now presented with a stiff challenge to compete.

In 1985, President Reagan saw changes taking place in America’s economy and if there was an ongoing focus on his 1985 proclamation, things in America would be much different today.

As you make your holiday purchases, seek out American made items that can be proudly given as gifts. Spending more of your dollars on American made will help keep the industries and jobs we have right now and create more demand for items with made in America labels. With your help every day is another opportunity to support American based businesses and restore at least a 50/50 balance between everything being sold in the United States of America. You can read the full text of President Reagan’s proclamation from the link on the front page of:

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