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Commentary from Saturday, December 30, 2023

Help Us Promote American Made & American Workers!

Supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign and American Workers Radio can look with pride at our accomplishments in recent years. Together we have generated the support of tens of millions of Americans and everyone is asked to help us make 2024 the Year to Promote American Made & American Workers even more.

We see that our ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS and that we, AMERICA’S CONSUMERS, have been doing everything possible to make changes happen, because we see that the level of changes we need will not happen on their own. By using our purchasing power to support the work and skills of American workers FIRST, we have seen more companies proudly supporting the American made label. Our goal is to encourage more businesses to expand in America so we can have more American made items available everywhere we shop.

With the help of tens of millions of our supporters all over America, along with radio, Internet, and newspaper commentaries, we continue to spread the word and our grass-roots campaign continues to grow. From what we see, our efforts are more effective than America's national elected leaders who were elected and paid to represent the well-being of the American people. Most people struggle to list the names of national leaders that have gone out of their way to get business leaders, investors, and America's workforce together to restore industries in the United States of America. National elected leaders should follow the example of the Buy American Made Campaign, as we are urging businesses to expand and restore jobs in all over of the United States.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Promote our efforts during 2024 so we can create more long lasting and quality jobs for our fellow Americans.

Happy New Year and thanks for spreading the word.
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