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Commentary from Saturday, December 23, 2017

Promoting American Made Benefits Every American!

At this special time of year we receive greetings and best wishes from our family, friends and neighbors. All of us involved with the Buy American Made Campaign and American Workers Radio are pleased to add our special greetings to you and yours. We thank the individuals, organizations, media outlets, local and national leaders and businesses that are helping us promote the importance of expanding jobs in America so that every working age and able-bodied American can be employed and are able to earn a decent living.

We need to see more
labels like this
Because so many like-minded people have been speaking up about the Buy American Made Campaign, we have witnessed many positive changes in America in recent years. National businesses and elected leaders are discussing trade imbalances and seeking ways to restore America's industries and the many levels of job opportunities that come about as a result of more businesses operating in the United States of America.  Additionally, businesses clearly see the discontent of the American people and many businesses are planning to expand and restore new product lines in America. Most importantly, more of America's consumers have been looking at labels and are seeing for themselves that America has become the place where an overwhelming percentage of foreign made products are sold, but not enough competitive American products are available and our supporters are united to reverse this trend.

Let's continue to work together so that more businesses expand in the United States of America and we can return to at least a 50% balance between imported and domestic products both at the stores where we shop and on the Internet.

On behalf of everyone promoting the Buy American Made Campaign, I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and best wishes for the New Year.

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