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Commentary from Saturday, December 17, 2011

Every Day Is Our Opportunity To Help The Cause!

Each week I speak with a growing number of people offering very reasonable suggestions on ways we can change America's economy and restore jobs for unemployed Americans.

Most Americans have never seen a prolonged recession, a recession of over 4 years, a recession where millions of jobs must be created and industries restored in order to just get back to some level of normalcy in the U.S.A. If you and I do our part and support more of the products offered by America's private sector businesses, jobs will be created and the wheels of America's economy and employment opportunities will be turning full speed ahead.

To ensure that positive change continues, I urge you to combine forces with your family and friends to support local and national businesses manufacturing, marketing and selling their products in the U.S.A. There are also many other ways to support local businesses by purchasing gift certificates for local restaurants and other stores that you know are supporting YOUR local economy. Unfortunately, TOO MANY AMERICANS sat back for too long and thought that things would change for the better on their own. Change will not occur if all of us don't join the cause and ensure change takes place by the way we support one another and especially by the way we spend our money where we shop.

I urge you to be a positive example to your children, family and friends and discuss with them the importance of supporting the Buy American Made Campaign and other efforts that are helping bring attention to the urgent need to restore America's economy. By your example show others that you are concerned about American workers and are going out of your way to purchase American made products not only during the holiday season, but, throughout the year. Every Day Is Our Opportunity To Help The Cause. Thanks for your participation.

I appreciate the responses I receive from my commentaries and I thank the television and radio programs and newspapers that are supporting the Buy American Made Campaign. The Internet continues to be a great way to share and spread ideas. Once begins broadcasting we will have even more opportunities to support one another. Visit and place your name on our email list.

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