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Commentary from Saturday, December 15, 2012

Businesses Need Customers & Americans Need Jobs!

The most important message of my American Workers Need You Commentaries is "America's Businesses Need Customers and Americans Need Jobs".

For two-centuries most of America’s wealth and job stability was based on manufacturing. For two-centuries Americans produced 90% of the goods they needed and NOW the majority of what is available in our stores is imported. Thirty-five years ago, as globalization and outsourcing began to grow, national elected leaders failed to foresee the damaging results of the erosion of our domestic manufacturing base and loss of jobs and jobs skills which are now a major issue in America.

Many of us saw the negative results of the reduction in America’s manufacturing base in every state and city across the U.S.A. as industries closed facilities and jobs were moved abroad. We saw that instead of globalization making more jobs possible for American workers, it made more jobs for foreign workers as more imported products filled America's stores.

As you continue your shopping during this holiday season, I encourage you to remember the theme of today's commentary, "America's Businesses Need Customers and Americans Need Jobs". I urge you to speak up where you shop and make your feelings known to political leaders and every American worker you meet. We need UNITY in order to restore America's industries in our life time and be able to see at least 50% of items like clothing, televisions, computers, telephones, toys, furniture and many others once again displaying a “Made in America” label.

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