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Commentary from Saturday, December 13, 2014

Our Supporters Are Helping Create Jobs!

In recent months more JOBS have been restored in America. Some are seasonal holiday jobs, but there is also growth in permanent jobs as well. In October and November there were increases in manufacturing jobs as well as small business ventures. Continued job growth depends heavily on America’s consumers spending more of their dollars on American made products and services.

As I reviewed recent trade reports, I see that the United States economy continues to lose more than a billion dollars every day because of its trade deficit. Until domestic manufacturing increases, our trade deficit will remain high. Additionally, those reports outline that weak global demand for products of any type simply means that people don’t have discretionary money to buy items as they did in the past. The efforts of the Buy American Made Campaign and American Workers Radio have been helping people better understand that employed and prosperous workers keep America’s economy moving forward.

As you continue your holiday shopping, look for, ask for and support American made items FIRST, keeping in mind that every time you purchase something made in the U.S.A. you are helping circulate more American dollars in America. Only by implementing this goal will more jobs continue to be created.

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