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Commentary from Saturday, November 8, 2014

Positive Changes Must Continue to Grow!

As we continue to promote November as American Made Month we clearly see that global competition has been good for many countries, but not that beneficial for America.

The problems for American workers began decades ago as foreign products flooded the American market and there was little or no reaction from America’s national leaders nor the American people. When it reached the point that there was no longer a balance of competitive American made items available side-by-side with imported products, elected official and the American people should have demanded major changes, but that didn’t happen.

In 1999, during my Saturday radio broadcast, I suggested that a national referendum be placed on the November ballot that would propose that no less than 50% of everything sold in America must be made in America. I contacted national elected leaders about this idea and they felt things were already being addressed without the need for legislation. Can you imagine what life in America would be like today if we had a law that stated at least 50% of all products sold in America must be made in America? I thought it was a good idea in 1999, and I don’t think the American people would disagree with a law that requires no less than 50% of everything sold in America be Made in America.

Now that the mid-term election is over, I suggest that elected leaders in Washington, DC put this idea on their list of things to accomplish once the new congress takes their oath of office in January. We have other laws mandating one thing or another, why not a law to help maintain and expand private sector businesses in America, protect America workers, expand industries using the latest technology, promote educational programs that teach skills that will last a lifetime, expand job possibilities for America’s young people and get America’s economy moving forward again. I think 50/50 balance law would benefit America and I welcome your thought on this issue.

As we continue to promote American made, I encourage you to visit our Internet sites: and where you will also find a SPECIAL POSTER highlighting American Made Month.

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