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Commentary from Saturday, November 7, 2009

Where is the Balance?

Competition in the global marketplace is good, however an excessive amount of foreign made products in American stores creates a huge problem. The high percentage of foreign made items, and those with American brand names now being manufactured in foreign counties and shipped to the U.S.A. for sale is becoming overwhelming and continues to weaken our once very strong manufacturing base.

To be a truly healthy nation, the United States economy must be comprised of all segments of the production process, from processing raw materials, to manufacturing, to marketing and retailing products. As we saw in recent years, a growing service economy cannot flourish by itself. In order to provide employment opportunities to everyone, workers have to be making things and not just selling, installing, servicing and delivering them.

One thing that is especially disturbing to me is that so many products invented in America, like electronics items, are no longer being produced in the U.S.A. What were mainly items made in America and exported around the world, are now produced around the world and imported to America. How long can we permit this imbalance to continue? Every week we hear about companies outsourcing jobs to other countries in search of greener pastures. That doesn’t mean the imported products are of inferior quality; it simply means that the products are being produced more cheaply abroad to earn a better profit for major corporations and in the process bypassing many levels of American workers. I’m encouraging you to voice your concerns at the cash register so we can reverse this trend.

Each of us has seen the hardships caused by the loss of jobs in the U.S.A. In solidarity with American workers, whether they work for small businesses employing just a few workers or huge corporations with thousands of employees, I urge you to spend your dollars wisely in support of American workers and reward businesses producing American made products. Before you make your next purchase, look at the packaging to see if the item is supporting America’s manufacturing base and also check to see if the stores where you shop offers you a fair balance between American made and imported products.

This is Michael Blichasz, and as always, I appreciate hearing from you. I welcome your comments and suggestions and ask that you spread the word to your family and friends. You can email me from my Internet site at: or