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Commentary from Saturday, November 6, 2021

Together WE Are Seeing Results!

Thanks to all for promoting the American Made Campaign throughout the year. The idea behind November as American Made Month” brings additional attention to the “Buy American Made Campaign” as we get closer to the holiday season and people consider purchasing gifts for family and friends.

The November effort also allows America’s private sector businesses to know that people are being encouraged to purchase the products they make and assemble in the United States. The November pre-holiday campaign also helps us clearly see that global competition has benefited foreign workers much more than American workers.

The aftermath of the pandemic, has more Americans asking WHAT INCENTIVES WERE OFFERED to America’s Businesses to urge them to remain in the United States, rather than move their manufacturing around the world to lower their costs of production. Since there were few documented incentives to maintain and restore industries in America, more Americans feel it’s time to request a national referendum on an upcoming election ballot. The referendum would mandate that America remain a “Free Market Economy”, but also be a “Balanced Trade Economy”. This would mandate that no less than 50% of everything sold in America be certified as made or assembled in America.  A national referendum would allow Americans to vote to offer businesses in the United States tax incentives and mandate congress to approve the tax incentives.

Consider how much better life in America would be if we had a law that mandated that no less than 50% of all products sold in America be made in America. Offering incentive for businesses to remain in the United States would be a wise use of business tax dollars, which would also create jobs for our fellow-Americans.

As we continue to promote November as “American Made Month”, spread the word about our efforts to family and friends. There is an outline of our efforts and a SPECIAL American Made Month POSTER that can be printed out from the front page of:

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