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Commentary from Saturday, November 6, 2010

Time to Work Together!

Now that the election is over it is time for elected officials to work together and renew the spirit of America which began in 1776. I am sure you join with me in urging national, state, and local elected officials to get together with every level of business leadership to discuss the common goal of not only maintaining but restoring job opportunities in cities and states across the U.S.A. Working together they should be able to create tax-incentives and map out plans that will keep companies from relocating abroad and help them expand industries in the U.S.A. America's taxpayers have generously directed resources to other nations for many years. Now we want our national leaders to focus their attention on expanding jobs in the U.S.A. and move America's economy forward.

As people recognize that America's industrial base has been weakened, that tens of millions of jobs have been lost to outsourcing, and that millions of people are receiving unemployment checks rather than paychecks, they are united behind efforts like the Buy American Made Campaign. When we go out of our way to buy American made products, we are helping private sector businesses to succeed and be able to restore America's industries and expand employment opportunities for Americans.

From the mail I receive, Americans see more clearly just how many of America's industries were dismantled in the last 30 years and recreated abroad. People understand they should have reacted a long time ago, but now that we are taking charge of our lives and considering the well-being of family and friends, it is going to make a big difference. Change cannot happen overnight, but if we all work together and be selective in what we buy and who we support, we can restore more jobs in the U.S.A. in a reasonable period of time.

Through your selective purchasing power we will be able to get people back to work using their time and skills to support themselves and their families. When we reach the point where stores are offering a selection of at least 50% American made items, we will be closer to our goal. Until then, every time you go shopping, make it a point to seek out, purchase, and speak up to store personnel about the need for them to feature more American made products.

I am pleased to report that due to the reaction of the American people, today there are more American made products in stores than there were a year ago.

This is Michael Blichasz. I thank you for spreading the word about the Buy American Made Campaign. Visit my Internet site at: where you will find my email address along with many link highlighting the for us to support American workers. You can also access my site from: