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Commentary from Saturday, November 30, 2019

Thanks for Being Part of the Positive Change in America!

As was stated in the past, the holiday shopping season is important to America’s businesses because they make up for other seasons of the year that are not so busy. With so much hustle and bustle in our daily lives, we don’t often consider the importance of supporting local businesses and how important local businesses are to communities where we live and the over-all well-being of America’s economy. Small and medium size businesses in the United States employ over 60 million Americans and we’re looking for this number to rise as more people support the Buy American Made Campaign.

As discussed in the past, retailers purchase what they sell during the Christmas holiday season 8 months in advance so they have the inventory in their stores before the holiday season begins. For the first time in many years we are also seeing more AMERICAN MADE items for sale at stores and on the Internet. We are also seeing more American made products being advertised which adds additional momentum to our efforts. With all of us supporting more American made products, we look for even more American made to be featured in America’s stores for upcoming holidays.

In order to continue this momentum, support your local small and medium sized businesses. Those businesses are depending on us so they can keep people employed, pay operational expenses and make a profit to remain in business.

While you’re out shopping, make it a point to let store clerks know that you support the Buy American Made Campaign and that you make it a point to shop at stores that offer a reasonable selection of American made items.

As always the First Friday, Saturday and Sunday of each month is National Small Business Weekend. Encourage family and friends to support this effort. For more information visit:

Thanks for spreading the word.

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