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Commentary from Saturday, November 25, 2023

Thanks to ALL Helping Promote Jobs for Americans!

Everyone involved with the Buy American Made Campaign extends a Special “Thank You” to the individuals, organizations, radio broadcasts, news media and businesses that helped promote November as “American Made Month”.

This effort encourages businesses to highlight products made or assembled in the United States and encourages America’s consumers to support American workers and the businesses employing them.

During the ENTIRE month of DECEMBER, American Workers Radio and Small Business Associations will be promoting December as “National Small Business Month.” There are millions of small businesses serving customers all over the United States. During December, as people celebrate various holiday events and purchase gifts for family and friends, it is important for America's consumers to go out of their way to shop at local small businesses.

Our December “National Small Business Month” effort will promote America's small businesses that employ more than 60 million people, and 70% of every dollar spent at local businesses is re-circulated within our local economies.

Shopping at small businesses helps in the following ways:

Local businesses remain open and able to keep people employed.
Local delivery and marketing services continue to be utilized.
Local, as well as federal and state, taxes are collected through the payroll and business tax system and used to support local, state and federal government services.
This month-long effort helps American based manufacturers and local service providers maintain jobs for their workers and remain in business.

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