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Commentary from Saturday, November 25, 2017

America's Consumers Are the Key to Success!

During the holiday shopping season, America’s consumers traditionally purchase gifts for family and friends. Over 60% of the American people employed right now are employed by small and medium size businesses. These businesses include a large variety of manufacturing facilities as well as retail stores in local neighborhoods and malls. All of them depend on your purchases so they can pay their expenses and keep people employed.

America’s businesses remain vital to the American way of life as they offer products and services to local residents, provide jobs locally and pay taxes that help support local schools and government services.  As you shop during the holiday season, go out of your way to support local businesses, especially those that are offering a reasonable balance between imported and American made products. As you shop around, always make it a point to let store clerks know that you’re a supporter of the Buy American Made Campaign and that you spend your dollars at stores that offer a reasonable selection of American made products.

I am pleased to report that there are a growing number of American made items available for sale so take a little extra time to seek out products with American made labels. We all see that there are still large numbers of foreign made products filling just about every store in America. However, as more businesses restore manufacturing in America, we will see more American made products featured on merchandiser’s sales lists, and as that continues, we will see more American made products available at the stores where we shop.

Thanks to everyone who has been helping to promote November  as “American Made Month”, and the Buy American Made Campaign. For more information about our efforts, check out the links on:

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