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Commentary from Saturday, November 20, 2010

Responsibility Of The American People

As we take a careful look at all that has happened in America in recent years, I'm sure you will agree it is the responsibility of the "American people" to help bring about a positive change in our employment base, through what we purchase and whom we choose to support.

The recession made people realize that purchasing items without considering where the items were made continues to negatively affect America’s industrial base and economy. The lack of concern for America’s place in the growing industrial world for over 30 years fueled outsourcing and led to the loss of millions of job opportunities. Just about everywhere you drive you see For Rent and For Sale signs on empty buildings. They are a constant reminder we have to unite our efforts so that America's industries can be restored and we can return to a period of prosperity.

When people ask me how we can change what has already happened, I tell them there is a simple answer and positive solution. Always use your purchasing power to support more American made items rather than the imported products that are flooding our stores. Until the American people unite to restore a reasonable balance between imported and domestic products, unemployment will continue to be high and the skills of America's workers will continue to be wasted.

Our first goal is to keep people on the job. Our second goal is to create more job opportunities. With these two goals, we will see many levels of America's workers benefiting from manufacturing to the point of sale at local and major retail stores. The goal is to have people involved in every aspect of the supply chain, not just at the point of sale.

As we approach the holiday season, your example and encouragement will make a major impact in the way the people close to you use their purchasing power and will also help those you speak with better understand the plight of America’s workers and how the American people can make positive changes continue now and in the future. Employed and unemployed people are depending on us. Let's not disappoint them.

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