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Commentary from Saturday, November 17, 2018

As You're Out Shopping, Consider Our Efforts!

Since 2014, we have been promoting November as “American Made Month”, which has helped to bring additional attention to the Buy American Made Campaign and American workers.

Now that the holiday shopping season is here, I want to highlight the fact that more than 60% of the American people are employed by small and medium sized businesses. These businesses include a large variety of manufacturing facilities, as well as retail stores in local neighborhoods and malls. All of them depend on your purchases so they can pay their expenses and keep people employed.
I am pleased to report that there continues to be a growing number of American made items available for sale. However, getting American made products on merchandiser’s sales lists, so they are available to local stores, is often easier said than done. This is because some store owners continue to bypass American made products because the profit margin on imported items is much greater.

As we continue to promote November as “American Made Month” here are a few ways you can support our efforts:
Thursday, November, 22nd, we observe Thanksgiving Day, and a great opportunity to let your family and friends know that you’re a supporter of the Buy American Made Campaign, which promotes businesses in America and jobs for American workers.
Friday, November 23rd is Black Friday. Look at labels and focus as much of your spending power as possible on American Made so businesses manufacturing in America can benefit from your purchases.
November 24th is Small Business Saturday, a national event to support America’s small businesses and another opportunity to direct your purchases toward products made in the United States.

America’s businesses remain vital to the American way of life as they offer products and services to local residents and provide jobs for American workers. As you shop during the holiday season, go out of your way to support the Buy American Made Campaign. Best wishes to you and yours and thanks for supporting our efforts.

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