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Commentary from Saturday, November 17, 2012

Problems Bring People Together!

It is often said that "Problems Bring People Together." Well now that the election is over, we want the president, congressional leaders and America's state governors to focus on the Problems Facing America, mainly the need for JOBS. For too many years we have watched political bickering at every level which has done nothing to help us. What the bickering did is waste valuable time and now America is suffering from the loss of tens-of-millions of jobs. When you contact political representatives, remind them that as taxpayers we are paying their salary, benefits and operational expenses so we want their efforts totally focused on restoring jobs for Americans.

I want to remind supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign, American Workers Radio and, that our efforts are non-partisan and non-sectarian. We seek to unite Americans of all races and creeds to support American made products and the businesses that employ American workers so that we maintain and expand job opportunities and job skills for Americans seeking to support themselves.

It is imperative that our president, congressional leaders, governors and business leaders unite for the well-being of the American people so we don't waste more valuable time pointing figures and telling the next person what is wrong, instead of working together to make things right. It is time for national leaders to find a New Solution for America and ways to expand the tax base through more jobs, rather than looking for ways to tax the people already paying taxes.

As more people get involved with supporting America's businesses, I want you to know that Saturday, November 24th has been designated as National Small Business Saturday. This is a once a year effort that I urge you to support. I also ask that you continue to promote National Small Business Weekend on the First Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every month and discuss this effort with your family and friends during the holiday season and throughout the year. For more information visit:

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