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Commentary from Saturday, November 16, 2013

Every Job is a Good Job!

I am often told that American Workers do their best to secure quality jobs. That’s true and in America we have many quality professional, service and manufacturing jobs. However, in order to expand America’s manufacturing base and get our industries back in full operation, we need more people ready and able to fill jobs in research and development of new products, manufacturing of the products themselves, packing and shipping, sales and advertising, management, office staff and many more.

As we promote more jobs, I urge every working age person to review their resume, document their job skills and be available to apply for one or more job opportunities that become available. Everyday businesses are considering expanding in the U.S.A. And having qualified people ready and able to fill the jobs is an additional incentive for businesses to expand in America.

When people ask me if they can really make a difference by supporting the Buy American Made Campaign, my answer is YES! Mainly because every time you purchase an item with a Made in the U.S.A. label, you are helping presently employed American workers maintain their jobs from the point of production to the point of sale. By being selective in what you choose to purchase you also support our goal to restore the 50/50 balance between foreign and American made products.

There is a special 3 minute YouTube presentation, Million American Jobs Project linked on the front page of It is an impressive message which has been viewed by almost 2 million people.

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