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Commentary from Saturday, November 15, 2014

Your Efforts Have Made a Difference!

The supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign have helped bring about many positive changes in America, and I want you to know that your efforts have made a difference.

Today, I ask that you invite others to join the tens-of-millions of America’s consumers who are looking at labels to see where things are made and shopping around for items they know support jobs for their fellow Americans. Our campaign does not urge people to boycott foreign made items, but rather to purchase more American made with the long-term goal of helping businesses in America provide at least 50% of all items available in America’s stores.

In response to our supporters speaking up more media outlets are promoting the need for jobs, more political leaders are discussing ways to welcome businesses to their states and cities, more school boards are discussing Trades and Industrial Arts programs and more stores are featuring American made products.

In a recent commentary, I noted that 15 years ago during my Saturday radio broadcast I suggested that “America needs a national referendum placed on the ballot that would allow VOTERS to approve a mandate that no less than 50% of everything sold in America must be made in America”. If that had happened 15 years ago, life in America would be much better today with more businesses operating in America and more skilled workers employed. I still feel that a national law requiring that 50% of everything sold in America must be made in America would benefit all Americans.

As we continue to promote November as American Made Month, I‘m pleased to report that our efforts continue to be a success. For more information and a schedule of events visit:

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