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Commentary from Saturday, November 10, 2012

We Pay the Salaries of Elected Officials!

The 2012 general election is now history and it's time for the people we have elected to get to work looking out for the benefit of the American people. Just as employers expect the best from their employees, we the taxpayers must expect the best from our employees, in this case elected officials. As taxpayers we pay their salaries, health care, office and staff, travel and other expenses that are authorized to permit them to serve the taxpayers they represent.

After seeing how hard the candidates campaigned for national, state and local positions, I feel that it is important for all elected officials to focus on ways to work with private sector businesses to create more employment opportunities and get America moving forward again.

Direct Every American Tax Dollar To Support American Made

One way government leaders can help American workers is to decree that all supplies and services used for every level of government be as close to 100% American made as possible. This would allow our nation's leaders to begin a new era of looking out for American workers FIRST. I also suggest that all government funds to assist hurricane and storm victims represent close to 100% American made products. Just as supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign are supporting the businesses employing American workers, the U.S. government should direct its purchases to products and services provided by American workers.

Speak with your family members and friends about this commentary. Just as any employer needs to look out for the well-being of his or her business and how employees are adding to profitability, we the taxpayers have to look closely at what elected officials are doing and not just continue with business as usual now that the election is over.

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