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Commentary from Saturday, October 9, 2010

Americans Have Learned A Hard Lesson

Every week I hear from people who are spreading the word about the Buy American Made Campaign. Americans have learned a hard lesson from years of outsourcing manufacturing jobs and the dismantling of many industries, which have led to massive unemployment and hardship for millions of Americans. In order to change this reality, Americans have to take charge of their own destiny. I am a firm believer that we cannot continue to be a nation of consumers without also being a nation of manufacturers. We have the ability to change our own future by using our purchasing power wisely and supporting products with a made in the U.S.A. label.

There is simply no reason why 50% or more of the clothing we wear, the cell phones and computers we use, the televisions we watch and all other products sold in the U.S.A. cannot be produced in the U.S.A. once again. I'm sure that products could be made by newly established companies that would be competitive with every product presently imported. These days, people want a quality product at a reasonable price. Every time you purchase a product made by companies, large and small, union or non-union, that has a made in the U.S.A. label, you can take pride in knowing you are adding to the well-being of America's workers, their families and America's economy.

After speaking with store owners, I see that many are already trying to change the imbalance, but they continue to say that there are simply not enough American made products available to meet consumer demand. As store owners see more American made inventory moving and imports still on the rack, they see the American people are holding out for American made. Our goal is to make sure that a growing number of American made products becomes available for stores to place on their shelves so American made items regain their place in the American market.

Make your feelings known everywhere you shop and especially at clothing stores because the clothing industry is where millions of American jobs can be restored in a reasonable period of time.

This is Michael Blichasz and I invite you to visit my Internet site at: From this site, you can email me your comments and suggestions. I also want to thank the newspapers and radio programs for spreading the word about the Buy American Made Campaign and my commentaries. Working together, we can continue to make a positive impact for America's workers and America's economy.