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Commentary from Saturday, October 8, 2016

Positive Results Because of OUR Supporters!

The responses to the Buy American Made Campaign continue to grow and reflect a POSITIVE change in the way Americans are thinking and reacting to our campaign to restore jobs and America's economy.

As we continue in our efforts, I ask that you remember that America's WORKERS and America's CONSUMERS are the same people. Therefore by supporting one another, all Americans benefit in the long-run. Therefore, before you make any purchase, look at the labels to see if your purchase will benefit American workers.

The goal of all our efforts is to have business investors and American workers benefit together.  Businesses need to make a profit to remain in business and workers need employment opportunities to support themselves. By directing our purchasing power to products made in America we support the private sector businesses still operating in the U.S.A. and workers presently employed.  From the reports I hear, there are a growing number of businesses working hard to expand their product lines in the U.S.A. They need your support to expand and restore jobs in the United States of America, so look for American made label FIRST.

Once again, the Buy American Made Campaign in conjunction with American Workers Radio will promote November as American Made Month.  For complete details about this effort visit our internet site: There is also a link for the November event on the front page of:

Thanks for your participation and for spreading the word about the efforts of the Buy American Made Campaign.

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