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Michael Blichasz
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Commentary from Saturday, October 8, 2011

Local Businesses Need Us!

As I visit local businesses and describe the Buy American Made Campaign, owners and workers respond, "Make sure people know how important local businesses are to local communities and local economies."

As we discuss America's economy and ways to improve it, it becomes more evident that Americans are really the key to changing our economy by seeking out products and services provided by American workers. It is also evident that local businesses must direct their purchasing power to suppliers that will provide them more items made in America for sale where you shop.

The people manufacturing, marketing, distributing, stocking and selling products are all depending on us to purchase the products they produce and the services they provide. Therefore, manufactures of American made products must work harder to get their products to local businesses so that local businesses not only add life, stability and employment opportunities to your local communities, but are a growing outlet for American made products.

All of us involved with the Buy American Made Campaign urge you to support the small and medium-sized locally-owned private sector businesses who employ 80% of America’s workers.

When you go shopping, remember that 70% of every dollar spent in local stores benefits local communities directly. This happens in several ways:

Local residents are employed.
Local delivery and marketing services are utilized.
Local, as well as federal and state, taxes are collected through the payroll and business tax system and used to support local, state and federal government services.
When customers seek out American made products, it helps existing American based manufacturing facilities remain open and will help expand manufacturing and service facilities to satisfy the needs of local consumers.

If more Americans direct their purchasing power to support Made in America products and local businesses FIRST, the impact will benefit all of us. So spread the word and be part of the growing movement to change America's economy by what we buy and whom we decide to support.

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