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Commentary from Saturday, October 5, 2013

Yes We Can Control The Future!

Supporters of our radio broadcasts, newspaper commentaries and web sites agree that speaking up and bringing ATTENTION to the need for JOBS in America should have been addressed by America’s national elected leaders 30 years ago.

Our supporters understand that businesses have obligations to investors who authorize moving overseas if that’s what it takes to insure profits. However, America’s National Leaders have an obligation to the American people and they should have responded to the loss of industries and JOBS in America. They were elected to represent the best interests of America’s present and future taxpayers, and insure the stability of America’s economy. Would it be so impossible for NATIONAL ELECTED LEADERS to MANDATE that America must BE RESTORED AS THE VERY BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD TO DO BUSINESS?

Supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign have demonstrated that with all of us working together OUR FUTURE IS FULL OF POSSIBILITIES, but which of AMERICANS national ELECTED leaders are helping to leading the way?

There are changes taking place in the world right now, and America has the opportunity to restore its industries and job skills from manufacturing to servicing and selling products made in the U.S.A.

As the cost of labor overseas and the cost of shipping products to America continue to rise, corporations must be encouraged to relocate in the U.S.A. Supporting the Buy American Made Campaign is a win-win situation for American workers, America’s businesses and America’s economy

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