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Commentary from Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall season is the kick-off for holiday shopping

Now that the Fall season is here, people are beginning to consider Christmas and holiday gifts. Holiday shopping provides an immense annual stimulus to the economy so this is an excellent opportunity for all of us to support the Buy American Made Challenge. In years past, Americans were not as aware of the need to support American businesses and American workers. However, now we see the need to change our shopping habits and seek out American made products.

One person suggested that I encourage listeners and readers to purchase only American made products during the upcoming holiday season. This is a good suggestion and I encourage you to give the American made only challenge a try so you can see for yourself how many foreign made products have overwhelmed the American market.

If you know people who have been unemployed because manufacturing jobs left America, you know how unemployment has affected their lives and can better understand the need for us to unite to support American workers and America’s economy.

Your purchases during the upcoming holiday season will help businesses make a profit so they can keep Americans employed. We need to give businesses the incentive to keep manufacturing here in the U.S.A. So when you’re making up your shopping list, make a special notation to, “Seek out American made products” and monitor your success.

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