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Commentary from Saturday, October 30, 2010

What Have We Permitted to Happen!

In order for America to recover from the recession, we have to answer some serious questions:

With reference to our industries, what have the American people permitted to happen to the greatest nation on earth and what are we going to do to change it?
How did America lose so many of its industries with so little reaction from the American people and are you reacting now?
Why are 90% of clothing, furniture, electronics and hundreds of other products in our stores foreign made?
What American made products are featured next to imported products where you shop?
How did Americans permit so many jobs to leave the U.S.A. without having an equal number of jobs to replace those that were lost?
What did our national leaders think the people of America would do to earn a living and use their talents as jobs continued to be outsourced around the world?
Why didn't national and local leaders react as they saw thousands of empty manufacturing facilities and offices closing, as well as a growing number of people left unemployed?
What was your reaction as you saw jobs being outsourced without new jobs to replace them? And did you speak up where you shop?

I have many other questions, but the main question is; how are you going to help change what has happened to America's employment base? You know my answer! Support the Buy American Made Campaign and go out of your way to seek out American made products.

As business owners see that America’s consumers are purchasing American made products and are willing to hold out for American made products, it will drive the message of change to the right people. Business owners, investors and marketers have to see your commitment to restoring industries in the U.S.A.

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