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Commentary from Saturday, October 2, 2021

National Media Should Help!

For many years efforts like the Buy American Made Campaign have worked hard to get its message out to the American people through broadcast like American Workers Radio, many local radio programs in the United States, on the Internet and Social Media. Thanks to everyone helping to support our efforts.

The Buy American Made Campaign has always welcomed suggestions from supporters on how they feel we can expand our campaign. One ongoing suggestion is to urge America's National New Media to promote jobs and job training for Americans, support local businesses and the importance of restoring Trade and Industrial Arts Programs in America's schools so our students have a better idea of the job opportunities that will be available to them upon their graduation.

We can all agree it would benefit the American people to have National Media promoting the importance of expanding manufacturing in the United States and compete with the foreign products. Restoring competitive products side-by-side on in America’s stores is certainly a goal the National Media needs to promote. With industries in America, more Americans will be employed and able to support themselves and their families and add to America’s economy.

A major push from the National Media to promote American Made would have a major impact on all efforts to expand jobs and job skills of the United States. Contact your local news stations and requested that they broadcast more about restoring industries in America and restoring trade programs in our schools for the benefit of today’s American workers, future workers and the future of America.

Kindly spread the word to your family and friends. Thanks for your participation.

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