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Commentary from Saturday, October 23, 2021

American Consumers Should be Concerned!

As America’s consumers are experiencing a lack of products available and in some cases empty shelves in stores due to a backlog of container ships bringing goods from around the world, Americans are discovering just how much the loss of industries in the United States is affecting America’s consumers and American workers.

For many years we purchased products with well-known brand names without even noticing they were no longer made in the United States. Naturally, corporate executives in board rooms looked for the best way to make more profit, so they outsourced production to foreign countries to increase profits for themselves and their investors.

As we witness the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, we find it’s urgent that all levels of America’s leadership, elected, business and labor, take action to make it worthwhile to expand businesses in the United States, and restore jobs and job skills for Americans rather than continuing to outsource such a large amount of manufacturing to foreign countries.

For two centuries the product supply chain in the United States involved shipping American Made products from one area of America to another area of America. Today, up to 80% of many products are imported from foreign countries and it’s it important to change this reality.

In the new age of a Global Economy, we should also plan to ship more of what is made in America to foreign countries. This is our time to make change happen. Let’ all work together so our mission can be accomplished.

Thanks for supporting the Buy American Made Campaign and for spreading the word to others and spending as many of your dollars as possible in support of products made in the United States of America.

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