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Michael Blichasz
American Workers' Advocate
Host of the Saturday Variety Program at 11 A.M.
860 AM Radio WWDB • Philadelphia, PA
Commentary from Saturday, October 22, 2011

Elected, Business, Media & Workers Must Unite!

Over the years elected and business officials, America's workers and the media should have been working more closely together and taking action to stop the loss of JOBS in the U.S.A. Instead the record shows that discussions regarding JOBS in America by all leading forces was minimal.

Efforts that were discussed at business conferences, during campaign speeches and on news reports did not unite all parties, and there were few leaders that championed the cause of American workers and America's future. As with anything, we now see that actions speak louder than words. We can all see that during the last 30 years, America's leaders just talked while thousands of businesses outsourced millions of jobs around the world. Due to their lack of action, millions of Americans need jobs, but many of the companies that could employ them have are now located overseas. Industrial buildings, offices and distribution centers are no longer needed as they were because products are shipped in from foreign countries and placed on store shelves for you to purchase.

American Workers Radio, in conjunction with, will work toward changing the way our future is headed. We will place employment issues on the table and on the record. Broadcasts will be directed to the grass roots level of America's employment needs and be directed to every level of private sector business that could help expand and restore JOBS in the U.S.A. Listeners and leaders will be able to call in during the broadcasts to discuss issues regarding expanding jobs and highlight products made in the U.S.A.

The project is moving forward and on schedule. In just a few weeks you will be able to access to discuss mutual needs and concerns. For 30 years we have heard excuses as to why jobs left America. Now we want to discuss what will help restore jobs so that America's present day and future workers can support themselves and their families. All of us working together will get the message across about expanding jobs in the U.S.A. FIRST and what we as America's consumers can do to help.

This is Michael Blichasz. Send me you comments and suggestions from the front page email link of: AmericanWorkersNeedYou.