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Commentary from Saturday, October 20, 2018

American Made Labels Are Very Important!

As was discussed many times through the Buy American Made Campaign, it is VERY IMPORTANT to support manufacturing in America and Made in America labels. WHY? Because many levels of American workers are employed and there is never a TARRIF passed on to consumers on American made products.  Manufacturing already represents tens-of-millions of jobs for American workers and as manufacturing grows in the United States, jobs for American workers also grow. Labels also are an important way to bring attention to our efforts because:

A label lets customers know that many Americans were involved in producing, distributing, selling and servicing the items.
A label is a symbol of pride for the company and the workers who made those products.
A label tells you that industries in America are in competition with products now for sale in America’s stores.

We all see how important it is to re-establish EVERY level of America’s manufacturing base in accordance with modern manufacturing standards, and permit American industries to be in total competition with manufacturers from around the world. American made labels clearly indicate that employment opportunities like management, accounting, sales, advertising, research and development, shipping, and other jobs are being utilized and adding to a strong manufacturing base in the U.S.A.

As you go out shopping, look for, ask for, and buy American made products. Businesses are noticing your concerns and buying habits. Thanks for spreading the word and spending as many of your dollars as possible in support of products made in the U.S.A.

The Month of November is “American Made Month” and you’re asked to help us support this effort again this year. For a schedule of suggested ways to help us visit: Thanks for your participation. Kindly spread continue to spread the word.

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