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Commentary from Saturday, October 18, 2014

We Can't Hope Our Way to a Better Economy!

So often people tell me, I hope things get better in America. I agree, but in order to make positive change take place we can’t hope our way to a better economy and more jobs, we have to take action to make it happen. With the help of our supporters we have been taking action and continue to urge the American people to change their spending habits and direct more of their dollars to support the businesses that employ many levels of American workers.

In my conversations with business owners they say loud and clear that the woes in America are a result of poor national leadership that did not take action as businesses moved manufacturing out of America. Business owners tell me there was no way national elected leaders did not see the growing number of Americans unemployed and becoming dependent on government programs. Business owners say they found it difficult to pass on the costs of doing business in America and be competitive with stores offering lower cost imported products.

None of us understand why America’s national elected leaders did not seek to stop the loss of jobs and industries in America. As a result of their lack of action during the last 30 years, America has lost thousands of industries, ten-of-millions of job opportunities, and the America people have been placed in DEBT for $18 TRILLION.

I don’t know when national leaders will do their jobs, but I can see that state level and local elected officials are going out of their way to maintain and attract new businesses to their local communities. This is a positive sign and I urge you to contact your local elected officials and voice your concerns. I also ask that you let family and friends know that American Workers Radio is promoting November as “American Made Month”. This is another opportunity for us to promote local and national industries making and assembling products in America, and employing American workers. Your participation is VERY IMPORTANT.

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