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Commentary from Saturday, October 16, 2010

Livelihood of American Workers!

As you go shopping consider how much better the American economy would be if American made items matched or outnumbered the amount of imported products we now find in our stores. For many years people felt outsourcing was just the result of progress in the new world economy. However, we now know outsourcing has contributed greatly to our prolonged recession and has affected the livelihood of millions of American workers.

Instead of business leaders working together to modernize America's industrial base and compromising on ways to insure that businesses would remain profitable in the U.S.A., private sector businesses left America for countries where cheap labor was available, larger profits insured and where they would not need to be concerned for the people manufacturing their products. We can outline many reasons why we are in the situation we are today, but now that we see the aftermath of outsourcing jobs, it is up to every American to stand united and focus on the future well-being of America’s economy, for our children, families, friends and neighbors.

I realize that businesses who are outsourcing manufacturing abroad dislike efforts like the Buy American Made Campaign because it brings attention to the fact that they are bypassing America's workforce, the very people they need to remain as their customers. They also dislike the Buy American Made Campaign because it is urging people to look at the labels on items and go out of their way to support American made products which provide employment opportunities for American workers. The fact that the Buy American Made Campaign is being discussed regularly on TV and radio programs and in newspapers has been getting businesses to consider restoring industries in the U.S.A. You can help make the Buy American Made Campaign an even bigger success this week as you go shopping and speak up regarding the imbalance between American made and imported products. As you go shopping, remember the main stimulus America needs is more industries and employment opportunities.

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