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Michael Blichasz
American Workers' Advocate
Host of the Saturday Variety Program at 11 A.M.
860 AM Radio WWDB • Philadelphia, PA
Commentary from Saturday, October 15, 2011

Global Economy And America!

Americans continue to witness the aftermath of the loss of tens-of-millions of job opportunities that were outsourced around the world. If outsourcing had been caused by full employment in America, we could say jobs were outsourced to meet the demands of America's consumers. However, this was not the case and the American people must help reverse the trend of outsourcing using every possible dollar of their spending power to support products with a made in the U.S.A. label. Through this process we can also help influence private sector businesses to expand and restore jobs in the U.S.A. and help each other in the long run.

Ten years ago the American people didn't fully realize the negative effects of a global economy. Americans did not realize that trade agreements approved by our national elected officials would benefit foreign countries at the expense of American workers and America's economy. They did not realize that taxes and regulations without solutions placed on America's private sector businesses would make businesses ship jobs around the world to avoid those taxes and regulations and would leave American workers on the opposite end of the growing global economy.

While American jobs were being lost, national elected officials did not promote innovation, job training programs, and a fair tax structure that would keep private sector businesses growing in the U.S.A. Now as a result of years of poor leadership, Americans are suffering from the loss of American industries, jobs and job skills, a stable tax base and a growing economy driven by private sector businesses. Ask any person you know if they want to be working and self-sufficient, or be dependent on unemployment or social programs, because there are no jobs for them to fill, and you will understand why the Buy American Made Campaign needs your participation.

If real change is going to continue in the U.S.A., America's consumers have to be the leading force. Now that we are united for change, let's not lose our momentum. Use your purchasing power to benefit American workers and the businesses that employ them. Urge your family and friends to support stores offering a balanced selection of American and foreign made products and make sure store owners and employees know you support the Buy American Made Campaign. We have to make it known that by offering more American made products, businesses will increase sales as people look for made in the U.S.A. labels. We are on the right road and for positive changes to continue, your participation is very, very important. Spread the word.

This is Michael Blichasz. In a few weeks our efforts to expand the voice of the Buy American Made Campaign will be announced. In the meantime, send me your comments and suggestions. My email link is located on the front page of AmericanWorkersNeedYou.