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Commentary from Saturday, October 14, 2023

We’re Working Together Like Family & Friends!

As millions of Americans help us to promote the mission of the Buy American Made Campaign, we continue to see more American businesses making and selling additional products with Made in U.S.A labels. It is also good to hear that people are concerned about American based businesses and American workers, whether shopping at brick and mortar stores or on the Internet.

It was much easier to create new levels of jobs before outsourcing began over 35 years ago, because America’s industries were fully operational in the United States. No matter what anyone says, the loss of many levels of jobs to foreign countries has caused a lot of difficulties for American workers seeking to go up the ladder of success.

Today, we are still feeling the aftermath of a skilled workers shortage mainly caused by America’s high school students not being fully exposed to all levels of present day and future job possibilities. In order to address the skilled workers gap, we have been asking our family, friends and neighbors to promote the full restoration of Trades and Technology programs in all American public high schools. This would ensure that students learn the trades and are exposed to all opportunities for them to earn a living in the field of their choice by the time they begin the 10th grade. Quite frankly, America needs tens-of-millions of new workers ready and able to replace the skilled workers that have or are planning to retire. America needs young people in all employment opportunities from research and development, manufacturing, advertising, selling, shipping and servicing products proudly Made in the United States of America.

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