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Commentary from Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fall Season is the Kick-Off for Holiday Shopping!

Now that the Fall season is here, people are beginning to consider what type of gifts they will give to family and friends during the upcoming holiday season. I say it’s time to focus on AMERICAN MADE.

As is often reported in the media, holiday shopping provides an immense annual stimulus to America’s economy and is another opportunity for everyone to take the Buy American Made Challenge. For years, people stated that they were not aware of how many Americans were being affected by the loss of America’s private sector businesses who decided to outsource not only manufacturing, but product services and call centers. Now that Americans have seen the aftermath of unemployment and a long recession, we continue to urge Americans to adjust their shopping habits and seek out American made products which are keeping many levels of American workers employed.

It is good to hear that many of our supporters have pledged to purchase only American made products during the upcoming holiday season. This type of pledge will help both America’s manufacturers and the people now employed from the point of production to the point of sale. The bottom line is America can’t continue to be a growing SALES POINT for foreign made products while Americans need jobs to support themselves and their Families.

With a growing population in the United States of America the Buy American Made Campaign continues its efforts to restore at least a 50/50 balance of all items presently sold in America, being made in America. As merchandisers that supply America’s store see the commitment of America’s consumers to support American made, they have been seeking out more American made items to satisfy the requests and buying habitsof customers, but the supply of American made items needs to improve.

With your help, positive changes continue to happen but we need your participation to make the upcoming holiday season a great success for BOTH America’s manufacturers and American workers. For more information about our efforts visit

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